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Hello! We are We Value It, and we offer free services for motorists wanting to know more about their car and what it might be worth. We provide a free valuation service that covers almost any car or vehicle in the UK, and also give a plethora of advice and help about both selling and buying new and used cars. But what makes us different from the rest?

We work out this gobbledigook so you don't have to!There are many websites available now offering to tell you how much your car is worth, but the majority of them are fuelled by the same backend system. We aim add our own twist to the market. Our car valuations are completely independent, and based upon our own proprietary valuation modelling system. All mathematical models must be based in reality, and we fuel ours with live sales data from partners in the car auction marketplace and used car sales, who sell thousands of vehicles each month, as well as other industry stalwarts such as the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT). Using the substantial amount of data we have available, as well as our own ever-evolving valuation model, we feel our free valuation service is the most accurate automated system you'll see on the internet.

We cover 52 different car manufacturers that produce models for the UK market, and these manufacturers account for 98%+ of cars on our streets. Unlike most other car valuation websites, we also cater for older vehicles. Whilst sales data may be limited for models over 10 years old, there is still information to be drawn from, and this is also where our valuation model kicks in. So, give us a go; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why value my car?

Graphs and databases and statisticsAt the end of the day, most of us know how to drive our car, but when it comes to it's exact details, features and specifications, we may draw a blank. Not knowing a car's plus points or failings means that it'll be hard to place a realistic value on it when you come to sell or part exchange it. It could even mean that you completely underestimate how much it's worth, and are taken advantage of by a savvy buyer. Our valuation tool offers a more accurate alternative to any guessing games.

A vehicle's number plate holds access to an assortment of information about it, including the exact make, model, trim, engine size, colour and year of manufacture. From this, and additional information, live up-to-date pricing databases can be queried, and those results can then be worked upon by our mathematical model, producing an accurate price for your vehicle within seconds.

Knowing the value of your car is key to getting a good deal when you're selling it on or part exchanging it for your next vehicle. With an accurate vehicle valuation under your belt, you have a price to keep in mind when advertising your car or haggling with your chosen dealer.

Who is behind We Value It?

Hello from Bob!The concept of our site, and much of the technology that works in the background, is the brainchild of Bob Ormskirk, on who our mascot is based upon. Bob has worked in the used car industry for many years, for both Kia Approved Used, and also independent dealers. He has always had a fondness for mathematical models, and over the years developed his own valuation model using the MATLAB computing language hooked into huge databases of used car sales. These valuation processes have been refined over many months, and continue to be tweaked to perfection. This is the technology that our free valuation tool is based on.

As well as Bob, we have a small team of web developers, who look after the running and development of the website. They will be the first to assist you if you have any queries or problems with the site.

Well, there you go, everything you'd ever want to know about us! We hope you find our site and our services useful, and always welcome any enquiries or suggestions.

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