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Total Recalls

Posted by Bob on Wednesday 29th January 2014

As with any mass-produced mechanical product, vehicle recalls are unfortunately sometimes a necessity in today's market. Whilst we now have computer modelling and safety calculating equations, defects and safety issues can still raise their ugly heads in even the most carefully crafted of cars. We tend to see recall notices tucked away in the back of newspapers, or sometimes featured on automotive websites as filler news. As such they tend to be ignored, unless your vehicle is one of the ones affected. Whilst a recall is generally a good thing, as it should serve to improve your vehicle's performance or remedy a slight hiccup, you may be surprised as to just how many vehicles are recalled every year. In statistics released by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), it appears that 2013 saw approaching 1 million vehicles being recalled from the UK's streets.

Ged to da Dealerrr!2013 saw more than 850,000 cars recalled from our roads due to issues with safety, or problems of a mechanical nature. Of these recalled vehicles, the majority came from Japanese producers; traditionally praised for their reliability and mechanical quality. With almost 560,000 of their cars recalled in the UK, the Japanese carmakers were responsible for more recalls than any other maker combined. Indeed, the top 3 of car producers that recalled vehicles in the UK were Nissan, Honda and Toyota, all best-selling manufacturers in their own right, but responsible for 514,000 of the vehicles recalled.

The total number of vehicles recalled in the UK in 2013 was 868,605, which was up slightly (a 3% rise) from 2012's 843,000 recalls. The Honda Jazz won the prize of most recalled vehicle, with 171,394 of them taken back to the dealerships they came from in order to remedy a switch in the electric windows that was identified as a fire risk. In second place come 142,097 Nissan Micras, which had issues with a bolt in the steering wheel, potentially coming loose, thus turning your steering to jelly. Third in this rogue's gallery is the BMW 3 Series, of which 24,752 were recalled due to issues with airbags. All big names up there, but here are some more well known makes and models that also appeared in the top ten: Nissan Pixo, Suzuki Alto, Jaguar XF, Renault Megane II Sp Tourer.

Nissan was the car manufacturer that fared the worse from recalls in 2013, with 210,926 creeping their way back to dealerships to be tinkered with or tested. Honda followed on, with 188,025 recalls, and Toyota came third, with 115,163. It doesn't end there though, and considerable recalls were also made by big names such as Hyundai, Suzuki, Kia, Land Rover and Jeep. With the Japanese and Koreans taking the top two places in our league of recalls, UK-built vehicles came third, with 87,000 recalls in 2013, equating to just more than 10% of that years total recalls.

Vehicle recalls in the UK have been around for over 30 years, brought in by the Department of Transport back in 1979, and usually come off the backs of owners giving comment and criticism about their purchases. Recalls have generally been on the rise year on year, though manufacturers are quick to say that they show how committed they are to their vehicles being safe, rather than being caused by cheap manufacturing processes and a lack of quality control. Indeed, production usually goes to the lowest bidder, and so controls are not going to be as strict, especially when you start to outsource the majority of your labour. Some manufacturers have managed to avoid the recall demon however, with Chevrolet, Smart and Subaru recalling zero of their inventory in 2013.

Number of UK Vehicles Recalled by Manufacturer 2013

Land Rover:50,173

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