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What does 2014 have for the UK car market?

Posted by Bob on Monday 6th January 2014

First of all, I'd like to start my first blog post of 2014 with a very happy new year to all We Value It visitors and users. Lets hope this year continues to see good things for the automotive industry. The sales of new and used cars here in the UK are currently at their highest for some time, and if all continues going as it is at the moment, 2014 looks to be a good one. A slew of new and revised models are on the slate for being released this year, so if you're in the market for a new car, or want to sell your current vehicle to finance one, there will be numerous options available to you. As well as new car offerings, what else could we be looking forward to in the next twelve months?

New car models

Looking at the line up of new models coming off the main manufacturers production lines this year, we can see one definite trend: 2014 looks to be the year of the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle, or Chelsea tractor). Its true that last year's sales saw SUV sales come into force, and the carmakers have certainly taken notice. Some of the main contenders to look out for are below.

Ford Ecosport SUV

Ford's SUVWith the market for smaller SUVs flourishing, Ford was bound to pounce sooner or later with their own offering. Using the carmaker's tried and tested (and award-winning!) Ecoboost engine, you can expect a reliable vehicle with a focus on safety and ease-of-use. Ford vehicles tend to be practical and robust, and with their Ecoboost engine powering over 250,000 cars already worldwide, it looks like there will be no hidden teething problems. Price looks pretty good too; more on the Ford site: http://www.ford.co.uk/Cars/EcoSport

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The Evoque has been ever-popular since it's release in 2011, with Land Rover's Halewood production line cranking out units like there's no tomorrow. The waiting list continues to be appended to, and Land Rover's new convertible gives another excuse to add your moniker to the list. Whilst a convertible SUV could be hard to imagine, the manufacturer states that the Evoque will retain it's height and overall shape. Sure to be popular with the yummy-mummies for the school runs; more on the Land Rover site: http://evoque.landrover.com/gb


The new X4BMW has not had much luck with it's SUV offerings to date, as they tend to be pegged as ugly and utilitarian by car buyers looking for something with good looks and a decent drive. The Germans though have been listening, and this year's X4 looks nothing like previous versions, with a sleek design that could have come from the Merc or Audi stables. Handling has apparently been tweaked too to make it more like it's smaller siblings, but we await to see how practical it is; more on the BMW site: http://www.bmw.co.uk/en_GB/topics/discover-bmw/new-models/concept-x4.html

Facelifts for older models

Giving an already popular model a new look or some tweaking can always be fraught with danger, just look at the bloody 'new' Mini for an example. You run the risk of alienating current fans and loyal customers, but sometimes the carmaker really hits the sweet spot and breathes life back into their older offerings. A few of the existing models undergoing rejuvenation this year are below.

Audi TT

The great old TT, which has been around since 1998, has been neglected in the past few years, but Audi is bringing that famous sloping roof back for 2014. Promising a more defined look to the vehicle's exterior, and a better interior quality, including all the modern bits and bobs you'd expect, it is the vehicle's chassis that Audi says the most work has been done on. They've been trimming the fat like a bride before her wedding day, and the reduced weight of the TT apparently gives much lower fuel consumption and better overall performance. I'm looking forward to this one, and I expect many others are too; more to salivate over on the Audi site: http://www.audi.co.uk/explore-models/explore-by-range/tt.html

Mazda MX-5

With Alfa having a hand in it's redesign, the two-door MX-5 is looking a treat. Whilst retaining it's main distinctive looks, some design ethos has been transferred from the Mazda6. Under the bonnet they've given the car a new turbo-charged engine, promising a cleaner drive. The MX-5 was a decent enough drive before, so as long as they keep the handling as it is, I don't think Mazda can muck-up this one; more on the Mazda site: http://www.mazda.co.uk/cars/mx-5-soft-top/

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai has never been a looker, but helped to save Nissan's business with it's launch back in 2007, and it will be interesting to see what the Japanese car giant does with it this year. With over two million sales under it's belt, Nissan certainly don't want to mess this up. Actual design changes are due to be few, but it seems that Nissan is cramming it's new edition with as much new technology as possible, with driver assist being at the forefront; more on the Nissan site: http://www.nissan.co.uk/GB/en/vehicles/crossovers/qashqai.html#vehicles/crossovers/qashqai

We still have to wait and see what these new models will bring to the market, but it's certainly an interesting start to 2014. Of course, if you're wanting to upgrade and need a price for your current vehicle, then give us a try. You may find it easier than you thought to get behind the wheel of the new car that you have your eyes on.

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