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No need to get that calculator out, we'll handle that!And so, onto the valuation process! We offer two different ways to get a valuation for your car. Firstly, you can do so entering a number plate into the form below, or into the form at the top of every page of the site. After submitting the form, wait a few seconds for us to gather all the information we need, and in less than a minute you should be redirected to a page detailing your vehicle, along with Bob's price for it. Bob's price covers what we think your vehicle is currently worth on the automotive market place when selling to a private seller. You should expect to receive less if you go down the part exchange route, and if buying from a franchised or independent dealer, the price will probably be a bit more.

Our second method of valuation involves you selecting the details of the vehicle you want to value. You may not have the number plate of the car you wish to value to hand. Also, sometimes we aren't able to locate your car information on the first attempt (this can be because of data mismatches, slow responses from partners, or perhaps we haven't fed the hamster who runs the server), so you are free to try again, or you can input the details of the car in question using the buttons below. It's a simple process of clicking on the manufacturer of the car, then the model of the car, and then the year of the car. This will present you with a general figure for that model/year of vehicle, but will not be as accurate as it would if we were able to calculate based on the extra information we get from a car's number plate.

Please enter a number plate into the form below, or select your car details using the buttons underneath, and we'll get working on your valuation.

Alternatively, if you wish to select the details of a car in order to receive an valuation, you can do so using the buttons below. Click on a manufacturer from the list to get started, and a selection of models from that make will appear. Select one of these models, and a selection of years will appear. Finally click on the year of the model you are interested in, and a rough valuation for vehicles of that model and age will be given to you. If you want to go back a step at any point, you can click on the previous heading eg. if you were at the year selection stage and decided you wanted to value a different model, you can click on the model header to get back to the list of models.

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Our valuation service works much better if you opt for giving us a number plate to work from, as this enables us to access a much more detailed dataset about the vehicle in question, and thus produce a more accurate valuation. Choosing car details yourself will only give a general valuation, and will not be tailored to your vehicle's full specifications.

Latest Valuation: 2010 Grey Volkswagen Fox Hatchback 1.2 3 Door

Are you willing to pay £5,962 for a used Vauxhall? The most expensive Vauxhall car that have been valued via this site was valued at that level.
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